Wednesday, July 24, 2013


New Digital World Order, that has never before been seen!!!


 A Smarter Way To Use Your PC!

My intention is to promote a FREE software wich generate for free $1 a day using your computer-without getting involved or do something
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Filipe Diogo

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Program launch will set new standards. If you want to reap the benefits, enter right away. And commence, growing your group. Just a quick appetizer: -Get 100$ in your account after signing in. -Get a free forex account, managed by a team of experts. -Invite other people and create a consistent downline, that will make you profit for this program, and the subsequent. --------------»

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

See The great FEATURES in Paygear that will make you go WOW!

  • Security & Protection

    Security& Protection

    PayGear understands the importance of the security. You can rest assured as we supply our clients with 264 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption security possible.
    PayGear offers thank you page encryption. Don't want your customers passing your thank you links out to friends? Set your own level of protection.
    Affiliate Software


    PayGear's affiliate software allows any business to maximize their online presents by giving anyone easy access to resell your products.
    Customize you're affiliate payouts anywhere from 5-95%, customized subscription payments with different affiliate payouts for first and recurring orders. Plus PayGear offers 2-tier affiliate commission levels.
  • Instant Commissions


    PayGear's instant affiliate commission system is the most advanced of its kind.
    Other instant affiliate commission products force vendors to process only by PayPal. However, PayGear vendors can accept payments via PayPal, credit card, or Google Checkout and simultaneously send instant commission to the affiliate.
    One-Click Upsells


    PayGear will allow Kunaki users to easily integrate the CD and DVD service within just a minute or two.
    Once integrated the process is seamless and all CD's or DVD's will be shipped upon order with no further intervention by the vendor. The most powerful means of using Kunaki!
  • Vendor Benefits


    PayGear offers more features than any other eCommerce partner hands down. No sign up fees or monthly fees,PayGear has the absolute lowest transaction fees in the industry.
    Just some of our amazing features include instant product approval, list unlimited products, integrated shopping cart, checkout page coupon codes, contact affiliates, plus a lot more!
    Affiliate Benefits


    Resell any of our products and services and earn commission payouts as high as 95% per order.
    Fast easy set up, free tracking and analytics, real time graphical reporting, easy to navigate marketplace and built-in marketing tools make affiliate marketing with PayGear a snap.
  • Affiliate Tools


    More affiliate tools than any competitor. Website Ad Feeds
    2-tier affiliate programs
    Redirect affiliate link tool
    An array of marketing tools
    Analytic Reporting


    PayGear gives both vendors and affiliate alike the ability to track every campaign with detailed reports so you can make the adjustments that affect your business positively.
    Running AdWords ads, article marketing, or email marketing? PayGear allows you to split test and track an unlimited amount of campaigns for each product.
  • Shopping Cart


    PayGear is the only eCommerce solution that incorporates an affiliate marketplace with a shopping cart!
    Allow your customers to dynamically add or remove multiple products from a single checkout page while still offering your affiliate exact per product commission.
    Payment Gateways


    At PayGear we understand that not every customer has the same preferred method of payment. That why PayGear gives your customers the 3 most popular online payment methods.
    Accept orders via credit card, PayPal, or Google Checkout. Accept just one method or all three, the choice is yours.
  • Profit Reports


    PayGear's 3-D graphical reporting and table system allows you to see exactly what kind of activity your account is experiencing.
    Plus unlike our competitors PayGear allows you to change your profit reports to the exact presets you desire. Today, yesterday, last week, you decide.
    Affiliate Contact


    At PayGear we understand how important it is for vendors to keep in contact with their affiliates.
    Contact one, a group, or all your affiliates with just a few clicks. Running a special offer, bonus affiliate commission, or for any other reason, we allow you to keep your affiliates in the loop.
  • 1099 Tracking


    PayGear can keep track of every affiliate payment made and create all the tax forms for you.
    Other services require you to fumble around with downloading and uploading files and then only keep track of numbers, no real 1099 creation. PayGear is like your own built in accountant.
    One-Click Upsells


    After purchase customer can be directed to an additional offer page where they can add a second or third purchase to their original order with just a single click.
    Other services require you to apply for such a feature and then only approve their most valuable customers. At PayGear everyone gets everything!

Monday, July 9, 2012

PayGear is the Best Affiliate Marketplace Hands Down - Here Why

 Filipe Diogo here, with some great news.

If you have not yet heard of PayGear it is quickly sweeping the Internet order processing community.

While there are a few choices in affiliate marketing, none of them can really stand up to

PayGear is an amazing service which is more flexible, easier to use, and far less expensive processing fees than any other marketplace on the Internet. Did I mention it is the only marketplace that allows its users to list unlimited products for free?

Clickbank charges its users $49.95 for each product listed while Paydotcom charges $29.95 for multiple product additions.

You should sign up now just in case PayGear does decide to start charging the prices these other competitors are listed at.

How can they offer all these feature for free?

-    Lowest transaction fees industry wide
-    99.99% server up time – never lose an order
-    Mass pay your affiliates with just one click of the button
-    Customize your checkout page with your own logo
-    Integrated 2-tier affiliate program
-    Integrated coupon system – give all or your best affiliate coupons
-    Multiple payment options on the checkout page
-    Process orders from Paypal, Google Checkout, or your own credit card processor

Clickbank doesn’t offer any of the above features; Paydotcom doesn’t offer any of the above features! And that’s just for starters.

PayGear includes higher paying rewards for referring new members. Just refer a few of your friends and you may never have to pay any fees ever again.


Plus you will receive free Ad Feed technology with your account. Users can then insert a PayGear Ad Feed on their website and any product in the top 25 automatically get rotated with that users affiliate link imbedded.

Affiliates get tons of optimized content for their site, while venders get another source of totally free advertising.

PayGear is a total win – win for all parties involved. Easy to use and highly effective for processing orders and will drive tons of extra traffic to your web business. Plus you are going to pay far far less than any other similar system on the market!

Don’t waste any more time, sign up for a free PayGear account now!

Best Regards,

Filipe Diogo

P.S. Make sure you sign up right away while they still offer free unlimited memberships.